Friday, January 24, 2020


Stealing an Election accusing your opponent of “stealing an election.”

Democrats are increasingly revealing their strategy for regaining power. In addition to being told — for over three years — that Donald Trump stole Hillary Clinton’s rightful crown, we are cautioned that he will steal the next election (as if the Democrats and their media allies will not be micro-critiquing his campaign’s every step).

Of course Democrats are the party that actively seeks to sway elections with felons, non-citizen migrants, teenagers, and of course the usual dead people “voting early and voting often.” Almost comically, they regularly tell us that simply requiring an ID to be shown to vote is somehow an affront to voter rights. One would have to be very naïve to actually think that their passionate defense of voting without an ID is out of concern for some fictional minority who is unable to acquire an ID and therefore being denied their right to vote.

When Democrats lose elections they whine and scream and rally their lawyers to conjure new votes. This tactic was successful several years ago when in Minnesota, Al Franken lost an election but slowly whittled down his opponents votes and bolstered his own to the point of winning. Then, there is also Stacy Abrams who, upon clear defeat in the state of Georgia, still insists that her loss was due to “racism” (eye roll). This clown still publicly tells people that she actually won — and that she is the rightful governor. Next she will tell us she is Napoleon Bonaparte.

The grand prize for Democrat sour grapes and inability to accept the voters’ verdict goes to Hillary Clinton and her weak support base. These idiots are completely unable to fathom that voters would reject an extremely unlikable phony establishment control freak — it had to be the “Russians.”

With a new presidential election just months away, America’s coup d' ètat wizards are starting to give up on trying to overturn the last election (actually, that’s not really true. They’re still trying to overturn 2016). Now, one can hear them continually warn of another impending election, when Donald Trump wins they can say, “see, we told you he’d win — by cheating.” ...Always the role of victim. A pathetic way to weasel one’s way into power.

Even if Donald Trump wins by a landslide, citizens will be told that his win was due to some dubious “collusion” with foreign enemies or voter fraud. They know that we are now in an age where a political movement can simply repeat something no matter how baseless and absurd, and a good portion of the population will buy it. “Donald Trump is a White supremacist, homophobic fascist” (but the Democrats failed to mention it before he was president).

The “civil war” begins next year. Donald Trump will win reelection and the left will, again, not accept it. Those who vote for reelecting the president will be labeled racists and extreme right wing Nazis for the crime of holding the power elite in Washington in suspicion. Mass protests and disruption will occur throughout the United States. Radical communist groups like Antifa and A.N.S.W.E.R will spread violence and the media will protect them from scrutiny. Meanwhile any individual nutcase who supports Trump will be highlighted for weeks of the news cycle. Games will be played with the electoral college results and they will be given as another excuse for labeling Trump “illegitimate.”

As I had noted many times before, after decades of active subversion, the left was on the verge of complete triumph. They control virtually all venues within the culture not to mention the federal bureaucracy. It’s now pretty clear that even the FBI and CIA etc. have been actively involved in seeking to maintain the establishment’s grip on and extension of power. Obama was the savior who would usher in a new (old) socialist era and Hillary was to seal the deal permanently, handing over America’s sovereignty to global social planners and socialist thugs.

Donald Trump stands in the way of “the revolution.” The attacks and bizarre derangement directed against him will continue and increase dramatically. The meme that he is somehow “illegitimate” will continue to be the main topic of late night comedy and social media posting. Drones, parasites, and rich Hollywood drama queens will continue to hate him but be unable to site actual policy actions that are extreme or ill-guided.

The coup d ètat has only just begun and it’s not about to let something like an election stand in its way.

Friday, January 17, 2020


“Democratic Socialism” Once More Rears its Ugly Head...and Fist

Most politically aware people have no doubt seen this. (I would note that short clips like this one only show a segment of this guys crazed rants. They get really crazy in some segments).

No surprise, right? This is archetypal leftism; angry, violent, and motivated by a compulsive desire to control everyone’s life.

What stood out to me was the line about “Liberals” getting the “wall” first (that would mean firing squad). ‘Plenty of historical consistency on this one.

Lets face it, most Bernie supporters look positively upon the Cuban “revolution” and wax fondly on the idea of punishing and eliminating those who oppose them while they deceptively ramble on about mundane campaign issues like “Global Warming” and a “living wage.”

Of course, the media is not hounding Sanders or his campaign to disavow the comments of this Jacobin thug, and why would they, many journalists are on the same page in spite of the fact that they will “get the wall first.”

From a psychological standpoint it’s no surprise that these are the people who accuse virtually everyone else of being “fascists,” or, at minimum, of being “selfish” and “greedy.” But, what could be more selfish than seizing people’s property and having them imprisoned or executed?

While the media spins this as an aberration, a sort of “lone shooter,” that is not the case. This clown was a mid-level, paid campaign operator. While his brethren weren’t caught on video, enough of us have debated with the left to know that this totalitarian psychosis is par for the course. I personally can’t count the number of times I’ve debated rabid leftists and heard this same drivel.

Meanwhile...cutting taxes is “fascism,” and the Bill of Rights is a patriarchal scheme to enslave.

While these people obsess on ways to eliminate right wing boogeymen — and women — I hold no illusions that conservatives could ever prevent such horrid ideals from rising in the body politik. No, we’re stuck with these authoritarian clowns. We can only roll our eyes up in condescending disbelief....or justly cower in fear that they may once again rise to power...Ugggh.


A Government that has the Power to Give You Things has the Power to Take Things from You

The left loves government

Friday, January 10, 2020


The Left and their Numerous Spawn are Morally Bankrupt

...’will return to commentary in a couple weeks.

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